Written by Sarah

Did you notice it at the Emmy’s? That faintly weird accent she’s sporting that Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna have also adopted. It’s the accent of the Newly British. Claire Danes thinks she’s British now.

I am not a huge fan of Claire Danes. Never have been. There’s not anything specifically that I dislike about her, it’s more the sum total of the Claire Danes Experience. She’s just kind of there. Always looking/sounding like she’s about to cry. Never taking away but not really adding much either. Capable enough to get by, but she never really impresses me, not even in My So Called Life. I was a Rayanne fan.

Here is Claire with her (actually) British husband, Hugh Dancy at The King’s Speech London premiere. I used to think he was cute. The longer he is with Claire, the less cute he becomes. Claire is emitting a vortex that is sucking the cuteness out of those who spend time around her. It’s also sucking the cuteness out of Claire. Her face is amazing, isn’t it? Such a gorgeous complexion, such perfectly applied makeup—not too much but enhancing the best about her—and her hair is great. It’s like she’s standing in a perpetual hair-wind.

But what is that dress? That dress is horrible. The vortex is starting with Claire’s clothes. My mom has seasonal place mats made of the exact same fabric. And the ribbon accents are giving her tit sag. The vortex is attacking Claire’s chest. And are those giant hearts on her bracelet? I’m not into heart-shaped anything. From the neck up, Claire is gorgeous. From the neck down, the vortex is winning.

She’s British now, though, so this is probably supposed to be quirky.

Photos from Wenn.com