They always say, when they get up there, after their name has been called, that they are so honoured to have been nominated with x, y, and z. These days it’s automatic, and in some cases maybe just lip service. But the sentiment, it’s there. To be included among some of the best, especially if Meryl Streep is involved, it should be an incomparable recognition, and it also says something about your own work – that if yours was good enough to stand next to the others, then it must be really, really great.

The favourite to win the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries is Claire Danes for Temple Grandin. She has already won the Emmy. She was extraordinary. The film was extraordinary. Temple Grandin is extraordinary and I’ve already gushed about her countless times in this blog. But I wonder what the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was trying to tell Claire Danes when they also nominated Jennifer Love Hewitt in the same category.

...the f-ck?

As noted by my “hot boss” M, JLH has been noted for her performance in a Lifetime movie of the week called The Client List. The synopsis for The Client List reads as follows:

A former beauty queen is forced to take a job at a massage parlor when her family faces foreclosure on their home after her husband suffers an injury that keeps him from working. Unfortunately for her she soon learns that her clients expect more than a rubdown.


If you’re Claire Danes, how do you get up there when you win, and she goddamn better, and look out into that crowd, that will include Jennifer Love Hewitt, and tell the audience that you’re overwhelmed to have been included among so many other esteemed actors? Do you even bother? Because while her nomination is certainly something to celebrate, how do you look down at the rest of the list and feel good about that?

This pretty much sums up the f-ckery of today’s announcement. Yes, they got a lot right. But what they got wrong was so ridiculously, ludicrous off f-cking side, that it almost negates the people who were, and deserved, to be acknowledged.

Happy Ending indeed.