Claire Danes hosted the launch of Valspar’s new Hi-Def Paint today at Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central today in New York.

Um... paint?

Well, it’s slow. You do what you need to do until you win an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Temple Grandin and hope that you can start fighting it out with Anne Hathaway again for the prime cuts. Claire really was so great in Temple Grandin. And she was great in Igby Goes Down. And she’s owned the patented lip quiver from MSCL even though Mia Wasikowska came close in The Kids Are All Right. And she’s so lovely in her jeans and loose sequined tank which is totally what I would wear to paint too.

Cut to Jacek shouting – bitch, you don’t paint.

It’s true. I don’t. But if I were forced to paint, I’d want it to be under these circumstances: with pay, and no tarp, and no pre-taping the edges, and 5 or 6 strokes before handing it over to a couple of dark and handsome painter helper models with Spanish or Greek or English accents.

Photos from Andrew H. Walker/