Sometimes I can’t believe the things that Ryan Seacrest says on the red carpet. I realize that at this point the red carpet is basically every sixth day so he’s got to say something, but come on. He asked Julianna Margulies what she did for New Years. For real? He then asked Claire Danes whether she knew that people said Homeland was “back this season”. She was unfailingly graceful in the actual sense of the word, which means handling things with grace and tact, and said she was glad to hear that they were enjoying it but that she really missed working with Damian Lewis.  

She’s such a straight shooter. She just – something about her tells me she would be an interested and interesting conversational partner. I like her. And I think that she has maybe never had a male co-star who was her equal. I love that she loved Lewis, but she was way better than he was. Maybe Mandy Patinkin comes close, but in my mind, she’s never had a co-star worthy of her, really. 

Except…yes, I know, ‘except’. I know what you’re thinking. I imagine every 35 year old casting director in Hollywood is thinking it too. We’ll talk about it, Claire and I, when we talk.

I would start by asking about this dress. I love it, but after the Globes were finished I would not be able to resist flopping onto a bed in it. It seems like the kind of thing that would be unexpectedly springy and would have some give. I am not done looking at it. I’m going to continue all day.