One month ago today – Monday – is when she had the baby. A BABY. She was completely and totally pregnant (and striding around Toronto, I thought he was going to be Canadian) and then this is the result a week later.

I mean, I don’t know what to say except that’s genetics and discipline and commitment to your goals, and this happens sometimes. But you know what? You can bet that if she’s not all the way back down to her goal weight, she wore the best size dress for her today, which makes her look far, far better.

So she looked great and it was a deserved win, and maybe very much not a deserved shout out to her child. Why would you do that?  Do new mothers think we’ll consider them callous if they don’t discuss all the ways in which they love and respect their children?  

Nonetheless, she wins, Lewis wins, and then Lainey yells at me for “starting something” because I was surprised they didn’t thank each other. Someone on Twitter pointed out that there was something about Lewis joking that her kid was going to be a ginger and then the press got it wrong so now they’re super careful about it. I buy this explanation, I suppose, but I still thought it was weird. Remember when Kyle Chandler forgot to thank Connie Britton and she just sat there, threw up her hands at him like “what can you do?”   

This is not that.