Claire Danes: Belted at the SAGs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 26, 2015 14:18:30 January 26, 2015 14:18:30

Something about this dress was bothering me. And it was more than just her pissy face expression every time the camera went to her when she wasn’t expecting it. That’s been an ongoing thing though. For some reason, Claire Danes just can’t summon the joy. Or maybe it’s that she just doesn’t know how to fake it.

But the dress…

It’s the belt that makes the dress, right? Colour is OK. But the belt detail sets it apart. And I’d be more into it if only – you see the way it’s stitched on the left hand side of her body? Because of that stitching, it’s not sitting flush against her waist. Which bothers me. Because for that kind of money, you want to see it in the details. The problem is likely that the material is too heavy to fall flat. And it would indeed be a much lesser dress if the material was the same as the rest of the gown. Would end up looking a lot cheaper. I’m not sure though that this was the superior alternative.

Wenn, Mark Davis/ Michael Buckner/ Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

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