People are losing their goddamn minds over this dress, by Zac Posen. Because it lights up.


Manic moments!! Zacposen #metgala #clairedanes

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#clairedanes #zacposen #metgala

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It’s bullsh-t.


It’s Cinderella with a lamp shoved underneath her skirt.

It’s a TOY. It’s a f-cking gimmick. It’s taking a theme about technology and forgetting about the fashion. Style is not what happens when you decide to turn a derivative princess ball gown into a Miami poolside fountain surrounded by douchebags. Is this the MET Gala? Or the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Games?! If it was that easy, we’d all be supermodels on New Year’s Eve with our light-up headbands and glasses.

If you can’t make this interesting on the red carpet WITHOUT HAVING TO PLUG IT IN, while rosy-cheeked children laugh and clap, it doesn’t count. No thank you.

And why can’t you and Jared Leto just get it together and give us a picture at one of these things when you’re both there? F-ck!