It wasn’t just your TV. Duana and I were comparing TVs. I thought maybe Jacek had f-cked around with the colour on ours for his game console. But when Duana said that Claire Danes looked the same on hers, and all the TVs on Twitter were seeing the same thing, well, it wasn’t a problem with the TV. It was either a problem with the spray tan or the makeup artist.

What a waste too. Because this dress is good! So good! The back is amazing. And while, no, as she said herself, it’s definitely not subtle, Claire has a low-key vibe that sort of balances the Liberace-ness of the whole picture. Except, you know, for the shade of her skin, which is borderline Rachel Dolezal, minus a box dye and a perm.

But again, again I come back to the excessive pale lip at the Emmys last night. Because don’t you think some colour here on the lips would have at least, um, neutralised the fact that she was practically turning purple?