Whatever did or didn’t happen with January Jones, clearly Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn are taking the approach that that baby with the mystery father has nothing to do with them. Claudia is standing by her man after his denial. Imagine how that would have gone down though when he had to tell her he was releasing a statement? What do you say to your wife when your actor is pregnant and people think it’s you who put it in there? Jesus. I feel uncomfortable just writing that out.

Here they are though, at the school run, holding hands in front of photographers, Claudia doing her model best to smile through January...

Who, I mean if Matthew Vaughn is NOT the one, again, does that? How do you do that to someone and their reputation and family??? Like I said a couple of weeks ago, either way you look at it, January comes out a bitch. I don’t think even Duana can defend her. And as a contrarian, Duana can defend almost anyone!

Photos from Wenn.com