It has all the elements of Great Gossip: an actress, a director, a supermodel, a mystery pregnancy…

And then you find out it’s about January Jones and the whole story gets a downgrade, from Great Gossip to Just Gossip, if that. Beige Gossip is what it is.

Anyway, E!Online’s Ted Casablanca posted an exclusive yesterday about X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn acting all kinds of suspicious about January Jones’s pregnancy. Vaughn is married to supermodel Claudia Schiffer. They were living in LA but then when January announced in April that she was expecting, they mysteriously moved back to London even though they were supposed to stay on longer. Apparently Matthew and January were really tight on set. But he didn’t show up for the premiere in New York claiming tonsillitis. He was however perfectly capable of doing press from London. So now everyone thinks that he cheated on Claudia, f-cked around with January, didn’t use protection, and now she’s having his baby in secret but publicly.

It’s really too bad this isn’t about Sienna Miller. Or someone like. I’d be way more excited.

Anyway, Matthew is now using the services of major Hollywood attorney Marty Singer who calls the report an “absolute lie”. Singer must have thrown down some serious legal on E! though because the original article from Casablanca (the link is here and is no longer active) has since been pulled and as of press time, no update has been posted in its place, although the damage has been done. Because even though E! had to remove the piece, it still got picked up by every other news agency and is making its rounds.


Remember when Star Magazine was all over Ashton Kutcher for cheating on Demi with that 21 year old? You know who represented him when he threatened to sue? Yeah, it was Marty Singer. By the way, they never did formally sue. They just “announced” that they would be suing. So… you know.

Most telling too is that while Matthew’s people are trying to kill the story with denials that are only making it worse, January isn’t bothering. At least not as of this writing. If she stepped up and pointed at her belly and declared, “Matthew didn’t put this in here”, most of it would go away. But she hasn’t. In fact, she is walking around NYC with her little bump, knowing full well what we’re saying, and she’s doing nothing about it. Well if that’s not a F-ck You It’s True…

Am also attaching shots of Claudia taken just yesterday after the school run, getting coffee in Notting Hill. Her third child with Vaughn, a daughter called Cosima, just celebrated her first birthday. That’s the timing then, if Vaughn did indeed knock up Jones, pretty much just after his wife gave birth to their second daughter. Not quite as closely crossed as Arnold Schwarzenegger but also allegedly cheating without a wrapper which … I mean how does that keep happening?

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