I normally stay away from Clay Aiken, partly because his appeal is America-restricted, mostly because his fans are a whole new dimension of crazy that makes the others seem downright high-functioning. I mean, these are people who call themselves Claymates, women who have repeatedly laid eyes on him and felt loin quiveration. Let me repeat: They look at him, their hearts go pitter patter, they love, they lust, they covet. Now don"t me tell me that ain"t f&cked up. "Cause you don"t need a Ph.D. in Homo to spot the gay when it comes to Clay… But this time, I just can"t resist. A fresh tip from a new source, we reported it on eTalk tonight, about Clay"s participation at a charity benefit in Canada on September 10th. In short, I hear his behaviour was appalling, and something tells me it"s not the first time. So David Foster puts on this gala - appropriately named David Foster & Friends, Michael Buble, Babyface, George Lopez, and Clay are scheduled to perform. Everyone else behaves themselves, they"re humble, they understand this is a philanthropic endeavour, they keep their celebrity airs to a minimum. Except Clay. Clay apparently can"t stop yelling and screaming and demanding. Clay comes in with a rider several pages long including "soft white vanilla scented candles" spread around the room, bottled water set at an exact temperature, and some sort of "muscle building powder"… random, I know! Anyway, part of the evening included a competition with local teens competing to get discovered as the next sensation. Three contestants were in the running and they were taken after rehearsal to meet Clay who was evidently in a bad mood because instead of being encouraging, word is he ended up berating a poor fourteen year old, telling her she "shouldn"t act like a tramp", so badly she burst into tears and had to call her mother. And to top it all off, rumour has it, when the show wrapped, he was asked to meet with two girls, which he refused to do until he found out that they were children needing organ transplants, recipients of the Foundation"s efforts. All this on the eve of his highly anticipated sit-down interview with Diane Sawyer during which he"s expected to address the gaygay that just won"t go away. And you know what? If it"s the hidden homo that"s bringing out the bitch, I say stop hiding her under a bushel, Clay. Living a lie is pain. Tucking in the feathers is pain. Blinding out the sequins is pain. Dear Clay: Please let the gay come out and play.