Maybe it’s just me but I wish she’d quit teasing the crown…it’s so 90’s Pam Anderson, don’t you think? Anyway, here’s P at Letterman and at the National Board of Review Gala last night in NYC, probably a long shot for Volver win at this point, considering Helen Mirren received the honour last night, but Penelope’s has been the longest, steadiest campaign of them all…hampered by the foreign language component unfortunately and also by time. It seems like Volver has been out forever, non? Other contenders shaping the Oscar race – Forest Whitaker again for The Last King of Scotland, pretty much locking down a nomination at the very least and an early sign of a split vote like last year perhaps…Eastwood for Best Picture with Letters from Iwo Jima while Scorcese finally gets Best Director for The Departed? Hey, as far as I’m concerned, anything but Dreamgirls. Source