And why Clint Eastwood cast him in his next movie.

Because, obviously, he’s OUT OF HIS F-CKING MIND.

Click here for my initial thoughts on Clint Eastwood’s wife and daughters and their reality show, specifically in reference to Daniel Craig’s comments about celebrity famewhoring and the Kardashians. Jon Hamm recently made similar remarks.

And here’s one of Hollywood’s most decorated, most esteemed directors, with a lock on the Academy and a multi-year with Warner Bros, now featured in a trailer for a new show on E! (for Christ’s sake!) that also shows his child writhing around under the covers with no clothes on.

I wonder if he just, you know, avoids the entire conversation over dinner with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. And what they must think of him, his wife, privately. Then again, this is what they do now. I mean, even the Jolie has to go on the livechat and Charlize Theron must endure fan happy birthday videos and be on Twitter just to sell her movies. See you later, mystery.

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s Bill Hader’s Clint Eastwood who is infinitely more likeable now than the real one.