Well… we can assume he does.

Clint Eastwood is nothing if not a pragmatist. An old school dude who’ll get down with some new school moves if it means his movies do well. So Clint is not above the campaign. Not at all. Right now, he’s campaigning for The Exchange (new title formerly The Changeling), his latest directorial effort starring Angelina Jolie that premiered to positive reviews at Cannes, especially for Angie.

Now Clint is openly singing the praises of his actor, comparing her to screen sirens of days past, and subtly criticising the face freezing that seems to be sweeping the industry:

"(Angelina’s) wonderful. To me, she"s like a throwback to the women in film of the Forties. Not to say women today aren"t great, but back then there was more individuality.

They didn"t have the same Botox look. Angelina has that great individuality, her own look and her own style.

I think she would have been just as big a name in that era, the same as Katharine Hepburn, Bette Davis and Ingrid Bergman."

Can you imagine? Can you imagine if Clint had to work with Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman? Can the master work with ice?

Photo from Splashnewsonline.com