Quite a year… seems like EVERYONE showed up. Too many names to name but the Hot factor was on full tilt.

Let’s start with Clive, shall we? Clive promoting his new film Shoot ‘Em Shot – shot in Toronto. Take a good hard look at that shot of him biting his lip and don’t tell me your loins aren’t quivering. I won’t believe you.

And then Ed Norton for Hulk – just beginning production in Toronto. Will admit, at first it seemed an odd choice. But apparently he wrote it. Which means it will likely be less for the kids and more for the dark twisty adults. Besides, if he looks like this for 90 minutes… it should be well worth it. He’s gorgeous, non? And healthy too. Heard he’s working out like a madman. It suits him. As does Liv Tyler. They make for a compelling on screen couple, and even if it were just her…I could stare at her all day.

Then… my Gwyneth. My Gwyneth in Iron Man. Roll your eyes all you want but Iron Man is turning out to be one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2008, especially after Jon Favreau, the director, cut a trailer just to show at Comic-Con which, unfortunately, has now been taken off the web. But it’s not Gwyneth that drives it, but Robert Downey Jr who has never stimulated my quiveration before but until you see it, until you see his charisma in this role, and how he moves, and his voice… don’t knock it til you try it.

RDJ is a sexy beast.

As you can see, my Gwyneth got a trim. The ends are blunt, 2 or 3 inches shorter, flat ironed for the occasion. I prefer the waves but I do like her pink and I love the knit sleeves. LOVE. Oh…and since we’re on the subject of Simon Pegg today - thanks to Lucy for pointing it out - Simon Pegg happens to be the godfather of one little Apple Martin.

But OF COURSE he is.

My girls…My Kiki is good enough for Simon Pegg, my Gwyneth is good enough for Simon Pegg. And Simon Pegg is good enough for my Gwyneth.


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