I like Amanda Peet. I saw her a little while ago in some movie with Ashton Kutcher and I thought she was adorable. Having said that, I also think she needs a fashion lobotomy. Here she is last night at some event in NYC. Here she is at previous events looking like - to quote Stanford Blatch - fashion roadkill. Needless to say, Amanda Peet has assy style. And this is not to be confused with "no style." Because no style would imply that she simply doesn"t care. But it"s clear that she cares, that she attempts, that she actually walks out of her house putting thought and effort into it, and this is the part that is so tragic, because this little grey number with specks all over it is absolutely atrocious. Which makes me think that I should send Amanda my mother"s latest find - the all time most hideous piece of clothing I have ever had the displeasure of owning. Look - I"m not trying to sound ungrateful. I love my mother. I am very moved that my wardrobe requirements have taken priority in her life. Because the woman is a professional shopper. And ever since her kidney transplant, she has been forced to walk at least 3 km every day. Since walking on the snow and ice covered sidewalks of Toronto isn"t an option, my mother heads to the mall - good for the heart, good for her spending addiction. Generally, she has a great eye. She dresses very well for herself, she buys nice high end, quality items for my father, and even my husband has benefitted from her generosity. The problem is she *thinks* she knows what I should be wearing. And now that I"m on television from time to time, she has made herself my stylist. Yes - It"s very sweet, it"s very endearing, but before you call me a spoiled little bitch, take a look at her most recent "find". Just in case you need an explanation - this is what my mother thinks is the kind of "graphic" tee that"s currently all the rage in my closet. You will note that it is not a tee but a blazer. And it has the word PEACE running down the right side and the peace symbol partnering it on the other. Even more appealing is the rainbow that graces the left shoulder, topped off by the bird that sits cheerfully on top of it which balances out the random pink mushrooms that sprout gleefully on the opposite side and also on the back. Oh wait. Here"s the kicker. This jacket was over $200!!! Sold at a very trendy store in Toronto called Mendocino that generally carries some pretty cute stuff. WTF??? Now tell me, am I being selfish??? Would YOU wear this? …. …. Didn"t think so. But you know what? I actually think Amanda Peet would. Given her past transgressions, I think Amanda would gaze upon this fashion explosion and say - Wow. I have to have this. I MUST have it. And that, my friends, is the elusive point. Amanda Peet needs help. And just in case you wondering - yes, I gently told my mother that this piece of stunning gorgessity was not exactly what I had in mind. Of course she told me that I was stuck in the dark ages and had no tay-see, translation: taste. She was very regal about it too. "Oh, I knew it would be too cutting edge for you. You"ve never been ready to accept trends until it"s too late." And then she hung up on me because her Chinese Lady weekly charter bus for compulsive gamblers was about to leave for the casino. So don’t worry - her feelings were not hurt in the least.