Well that was fast.

Amanda Peet gave birth to a baby girl 8 weeks ago. Here’s Amanda cleverly hiding any remaining traces of pregnancy, looking lovely and fresh at the Oscar de la Renta boutique opening yesterday in LA. Seems like motherhood has also helped with the assy fashion sension.

Because as much as I like Amanda Peet, you can’t deny – before the child anyway – that she had a nasty dressing problem.

Click here here and here for examples.

As for whether or not Studio 60 has been renewed or if the unaired episodes will see the light day – last I checked it hadn’t and no one knows. Not one of my own personal Must See’s but I know it is for many of you. So let’s hope NBC renews both my Friday Night Lights and your Studio 60. And NOT Deal or No Deal…though chances are slim.

Good taste is dead.