This is not the first time she’s been slagged here for her f*cked up fashion sense. Clearly, it won’t be the last. Because at this point, I think it’s safe to conclude that Amanda Peet is hopeless. Not only hopeless but also quite obviously stubborn and obtuse. How else can you explain why she doesn’t have a stylist? After all, what stylist would have dressed her in this??? Here’s Amanda at the NBC TCA event this weekend. Now as we all know, Studio 60 is one of the most highly anticipated shows of the fall season – a show NBC is hoping to hang its hat on as a worthy saviour for the network that hasn’t seen a ratings win since Friends took off 3 years ago. With this kind of profile and expectation – the loftiest of her career – don’t you think Amanda should have kicked it up a notch, maybe a one-off consultation with a professional, just to get things right, just to ensure an auspicious beginning to her new and hopefully prosperous journey? Or is that too Chinese for the whiteys? Seriously, gossips… what, what in the name of Coco, is she wearing??? The dress…the dress is not flattering. But when you consider everything else, when you consider what follows, the dress is definitely the best. So let’s leave the dress and travel further downward. Down to her legs. Is that – gulp – sheer GREY pantyhose??? Let me repeat: Is that SHEER GREY PANTYHOSE??? I’m hoping it’s just the light because how does one even find SHEER GREY PANTYHOSE??? And why is she wearing SHEER GREY PANTYHOSE in the middle of a California summer? Or better yet – why wear sheer grey pantyhose ever…at all??? Why wear them with those shoes? WHAT the F&CK are those shoes??? Is is safe to say that Amanda Peet beyond help??? I think so, gossips. I think so.