In photos, because of the light and the flashbulbs, you really don’t get the sense. In photos, because of the light and the flashbulbs, Clive Owen was The Hotness. And he still is The Hotness. Except for the hair. In person, the hair was recently coloured and coloured not that well. A shade too dark and…well…I don’t know how to describe it but there were some blending issues, you know? Like what a fugitive on the run would look like if he picked up a box of L’Oreal Preference from the drug store and changed his hair in a gas station bathroom to avoid detection. Having said that however, I can tell you that he does indeed ooze sex appeal. We were standing above him from the balcony, my headboard could feel the magnetic pull all the way from Vancouver, something about his brooding intensity gets your attention…and his gait is sexy as all hell. He also wasn’t a total networking whore like the others – all business, no fuss, and total quiveration..even with assy dye job.