Look at Clive Owen at the GQ Magazine Awards yesterday in Spain. He’s awesome. But I feel like he’s being doing this sh-t a lot. And exclusively. Store openings, jewellery shows, a lot of “Celebrity Appearances” and not that much work in between. No, no, I don’t mean to say that he doesn’t work at all, but you’d think he could work much more than he does. At least a lot more than that sodden animal Gerard Butler.

Like, if I’m a casting director, and I have a part that calls for a dude’s dude, and I need a dude who can look good and act, WHY would I choose Spittle over Clive? But I am not a casting director. And I really don’t understand the quiver for a lascivious moist mouth who’s being sold right now as the Man’s Man and the Woman’s Fantasy. Sick.

Here’s Spittle the other night at CNN’s Tribute to Heroes. Admittedly he’s not grossing me out in these photos as much as he usually does. That doesn’t mean I get the flavour though.

I mean, side by side, are you really feeling Butler more than Clive? Really? I’m in the minority?

Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com and Carlos Alvarez/Gettyimages.com