Clive Owen arrived in LA yesterday in a beautiful leather jacket. He’s a beast. But, as I mentioned several months ago, because I am a shallow fickle bitch, it hurts me when I see his knock knees. Sometimes they’re less obvious and the quiver is well protected. Sometimes, however, like in these photos, the knock knees are quite pronounced. And you know my fixation with a man’s gait. I love a good gait. Knock knees do not a good gait make.

So Clive is in town for Oscar week. It’s a very good time to work it. Wonder if Julia Roberts is around. The two are very close friends. And not close in a smutty way, nothing to sniff out here, just close in a tight colleagues way, which is why they’ve been in two movies together. Suffice to say, it’s not like she’s picking up a project any time soon with Nick Nolte.

Anyway, as you know, Ms Roberts is a first class amazing bitch. Clive gets her bitch. And probably gives it back. I’ve seen him turn his bitch on fans waiting outside a party at TIFF. He can cut cold when he wants to. This is not an obsequious fawning actor. Clive has no time for popularity contests.

Photos from RACHPOOT/