He was at TIFF last year, saw him when he hit up a few parties including Soho House/Grey Goose and InStyle, and has returned to Toronto this year with Trust, directed by David Schwimmer about a girl who is the victim of an online perv. Clive and Catherine Keener play the parents.

Clive will f-ck that dude up. Hopefully. The trailer is below. And it’s not an easy one. Particularly if you are a parent. The father, the suggestion of vigilante justice, the fact that no justice can undo what’s done...

You will note, in just a minute and a half though how perfectly cast it is. Not only because of Clive, but because he and Catherine Keener, always, always excellent, seem to have captured it, even in such a short clip, so well with so few words.

I want to see. But I’m scared I’ll be scared.

This is Clive arriving today in Toronto.

Photos from Punkd Images