It’s more than just standing there flexing your pecs. Hotness is an allover package deal – pants, gait, body control, style…

There are many ways to lure a lover.

How he drives his car, how he changes gears, even how he gets out of a car can be a turn-on too. My husband is a sexy beast behind the wheel. And it was one of the few moments in that ass Twilight movie when I could see the appeal of Robert Pattinson’s Edward. He’s wearing shades, he lopes out of his side and ambles over to hers…and then they saunter across the parking lot. Nice.


Clive Owen yesterday arriving at the Ritz. Easy confidence, a man’s man without needing a pick up truck to prove it, and I love the hoodie under his leather jacket. Yeah.

Also this afternoon at the Berlin Film Festival promoting The International – Clive and his co-stars on the carpet, totally owning that suit.

He makes pretty completely unimportant.


One small, little, tiny point.

Can he make another movie? No more spy, espionage, bank heist capers? Closer was so good!

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