Clive Owen has been shooting Duplicity with Julia Roberts in New York. He was on set yesterday wearing the sh*t out of a grey suit and a pair of shades. Yum.

Forgot to mention seeing him at the Costume Institute Gala the other night. He dashed in quickly, almost unnoticed, looking sharp in a black tux, and not wee at all. I love it when they’re not wee.

I remember watching Harvey Weinstein make a beeline for Clive at one point. Then my producer Christina kept shouting “she’s demented! She’s demented!” in my ear in reference to Victoria Beckham so I switched focus.

It was interesting though to see Harvey at work. He stood at the top of the stairs for a while waiting to woo some big stars, paying particular attention to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. She was wearing a lot of Marchesa a while back there…

JLo then introduced Harvey to the Beckhams. Posh deferentially stuck her neck out along with her arm to greet him. Word is she wants her own show desperately. Harvey produces Heidi Klum’s Project Runway. Heidi and Posh have become pretty tight.

This is how they work, see?

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