Like, can’t Gwyneth make a phone call or something? How embarrassing!

So you know Joe Satriani is suing Coldplay because he says Vida La Vida is ripped off from his I Just Wanna Fly. Satriani’s attorney has now announced that he plans to ambush the band sometime this weekend while they’re in New York for the Grammys – process servers lurking in every corner waiting to pounce while cameras roll.

Coldplay has been nominated for a thousand awards this year and is also scheduled to perform. Ironically, many expect it to be Viva La Vida.

On top of all that, Radiohead will be taking the stage as well, and for Coldplay’s sake, hopefully Thom Yorke is booked after them. Because you know following Radiohead will be a disaster.

Oh Gwynnie! You know she wants to help. It’s the GOOP thing to do. But how?

It is unlikely they will walk together on the carpet. Am thinking though that, as a presenter, G will introduce the band.

Drama on Sunday night! Can’t wait!

If you’re unfamiliar with the lawsuit, both songs are below:

Thanks Alfie!

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