Coldplay made an announcement on their site – click here to see. It’s a new song, with new artwork. The title:

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall...


Kinda corny.

But Viva La Vida is a corny title too and the song, I run to it a lot. So... I’ll wake up on Friday morning and give them my money. Their website by the way also has the lyrics. Here. And there are some pictures of the band. Their styling this year, if you will. For two years, I swear, during the last album, Chris wore the same jacket.

This time, there’s something kinda funky going on with his hair right? Like a molehill of a fauxhawk? Sorta? I like it. He looks good. Not as good as Guy Berryman – goddamn! – but good. If you’ve been reading my site long enough, you know I give Guy a lot of love. But....he’s so little!

Anyway, the band is playing some festivals this summer. GOOPy on the festival circuit? Or... does that just mean she’ll stay home and work on more recipes and plant things to fill the void?