reported that you and Alicja Bachleda are finished. That it happened several months ago. How several months ago? This photo was taken late April. Like shortly after? Sometimes the word “several” is so very frustrating.

I am sad for you that this didn’t work. Observing from afar, there was a peace to your life with Alicja in it. Selfishly I was also really into the fact that she is Polish. I’m half-Polish by marriage too. I ramble.

They say it’s because you weren’t ready for commitment. I don’t buy this. I think it might be something much more intangible. I worry that it’s something in you that’s much more intangible.

It’s just that... well... I just don’t want you to be That Guy, you know? The one with a different mother for every kid and in ten years it’ll be more kids than Kevin Federline. Reading that back, it seems unfair of me to say. I’m sorry. That’s a terrible assumption, and you don’t deserve that.

But I’m worried. Because, well, I want you to have stability in your life. Hopefully, even without her, you do.

Now can we talk about the strange ass Chicken Fried connection? Alicja is now shooting a movie with Columbus Short. And rumour has it they’re hooking up? I don’t see much chemistry between them in this photo taken in New York on Friday but then again I might be too busy fixating on her assy shorts and shoes combination.

Remember when Columbus Short was dealing with Britney Spears for all of 5 minutes? Remember when you dealt with Britney Spears for all of 5 minutes?

These photos are among my favourites of all time. For the sheer randomness of it. Totally unexpected. You two just showed up. That sh-t it just doesn’t happen in gossip anymore. Two major names, one major mashup, it made our jobs easy, so easy, the next morning. Sigh. That was good times. For you too. Too good, I guess.



Photos from and Bryan Bedder/Kevin Winter/