By popular request, it"s a World Cup edition. And many of you have asked me to consider a footballer other than Becks. I appreciate all your submissions, I"d love it if you continue sending them in, and on the eve of the quarters, I am happy to announce the first Footie - a loin quivering piece of hotness called Owen Hargreaves who, like my Goldenballs, also happens to play for England. OK, so I know this sounds irritatingly anglophilic but please know that Owen was actually born in Canada and he is dating a Canadian named Janelle and when you combine that with his uniform and his skill and the sexy way he fills out a pair of jeans, can you really blame me for the selection??? Here"s Owen with Janelle enjoying a few hours off in Germany in between matches. The gait is what did it for me. I like a man who walks well, you know? Colin Farrell walks well. Heath Ledger walks well. David Beckham walks well. And Owen Hargreaves walks well. Do you approve? Source The London Sun