I’m told there was a business purpose behind the trip but I’m also hearing from a few new and therefore unsubstantiated sources that while in Miami, Ms Z drowned her sorrows in the South Beach Diet, and I definitely mean a low carb/high protein quotient. Now please don’t make me spell it out for you. Chicken breast is not the only meal that’s chock full of the good stuff, if you get my smutty drift. According to my spies, Renee has been known to romance several no namers at a time, and reward them handsomely afterwards. And I’m sure there was no shortage of beefcake for the taking lounging about on beach. Good for you honey. Ain’t no better way to get over a gay than to lose yourself in meaningless vacay nooky. Trust me, we’ve all been there. Oh…And then there’s that strange and suspicious tip yesterday about a visit with Colin Farrell that I’m hesitant to run with but that I’d love more information about. So…calling all Florida residents. If you can help me out with this one – I’d be indebted forever. Let me know!