As I wrote last week, Winter’s Tale is about an orphan called Peter whose best friend is a white horse and he falls in love with a sick girl, Beverly.

Here’s Colin Farrell as Peter, on his white horse, riding around with Lady Sybil as Beverly, who has long wavy red hair that blows elegantly in the wind, and they’re surrounded by autumn leaves in Central Park and they’re being chased by a dark spirit, over logs and ravines, and with her arms wrapped around his waist, breathing in his earthy woody scent, she feels safe, despite the proximity of the danger, even as the score quickens during the scene...

But all we want is the kiss at the end, just get to the end!

Let her die at the end because otherwise I don’t want to see this movie. Call it the Chinese in me. But see, I don’t think Colin Farrell would take a movie that is just about the white horses and princesses with long hair either. I think Colin Farrell would want her to die too.