I have mixed feelings about Colin’s return to sexy. Positive because…well… look at him. He’s de-greased, de-oiled, and no longer bloated. What’s not to love? Besides, now that the current Colin and the sex tape Colin are much more in tune, it’s hard to ignore those visual memories, especially the delicious way he leans to one angle. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I hope to Goddess you can still find yourself a clip of that video. I’m telling you – it only added to the legend. Colin’s resurgence, however, means movement on the Freebie 5. And since David, Zizou, Hot Harry on a Horse, and Ed Norton are not going anywhere, the only expendable member is Marcus Flutie – whose place was controversial anyway since he only exists on paper but still… how often do you read a book and fall in love??? Sigh. It was a tough decision gossips but in the end, I chose lust and leprechauns over lust and literature. Hello Colin, Goodbye Marcus.