Colin Farrell is currently in Toronto shooting Total Recall. He’ll be presenting at the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday. I’m working that night. Sasha’s working too. Remember that eyef-cking thing that happened the last time Sash and Colin were in the same room? Click here if you missed the story about her passing on his ass, and here for mine. I promise you she will bury her head in her work and I will be up in her face trying to talk her into a flyby and she will refuse. In her defence, she’s producing a major special for the next day. But he is f-cking HOT right now.

Anyway, Colin was photographed leaving the set today. He was in Montreal for F1 on the weekend. Many of you asked if he’d had a chance to sneak away and see Rihanna because of those rumours that they were hooking up a few months ago which turned out to be kinda bunk. The answer is no. Rihanna was with Drake the whole time. Not sure if she was “with” with him, or just “friends” with him, but Colin was not invited to that situation.

He’s supposedly being invited however to Jessica Biel’s situation, according to the British tabloids. They reported the two were getting close already. The problem though is that they reported it before Biel actually arrived in Toronto to start filming. Hard to believe, but I actually don’t blame her for that one. She’s obvious with her famewhoring but she’s not that stupid that she wouldn’t get the timeline right.

Photos from Macca/Todd G/