I would not want to be travelling today. Airports must be hell?

This is Colin Farrell, my love #2, arriving in London from LA (everyone with an accent should get the hell out of LA) looking lean and trim as he has for a while and fresh off his surprising Golden Globe nomination for In Bruges. Surprising because it was released with very little fanfare much earlier in the year.

If you’ve seen In Bruges though…

You know.

He brings the quiver. All the f-cking time. And he’s presumably bringing the quiver to girlfriend Emma Forrest? It’s hard to get updates on Colin’s love life. He does a great job keeping private but we’ll pretend he won’t be lonely at Christmas. That he’ll be warm and wrapped around a smart English girl who, in a classic Hollywood twist, once wrote a sympathetic article about Britney Spears with whom, remember?, Colin had a brief fling. Click here to read.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com