Monday night at the Roosevelt – team farewell dinner by the pool, Colin Farrell is sitting a few feet over on a pool couch talking intently to another man.

But first… Colin at the Oscars.

To be honest, he wasn’t a stand out. Sorry. Because as hot as he is, and he is hot, he was also sharing a carpet with Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp, and Javier Bardem. Seriously… at that point it was like, oh Colin Farrell? Yeah, get in line.

And the hair didn’t help either. Not feeling the hair.

Colin did not stay for the Governor’s Ball. Instead he bailed out right after the show and waited in line for his car with everyone else. The Oscars are democratic that way. Everyone has to wait in traffic. A List doesn’t mean your car gets there any quicker.

While waiting though he did duck into the refreshment tent on the carpet and lined up for hot chocolate with mom. Not sure why I think this is cute but it was.

So back to Monday – Monday he was drinking and chainsmoking with some other dude, engaged in what looked like a super serious conversation, hair tucked into that wool hat of his in boots and tight jeans. Yum.

Doesn’t look like he’s corrected his close talking issues either. Colin was totally close-talking his companion. It’s hilarious. Even better – at one point, some skanky looking blonde with the worst butt cleave ever came over and tried to hook it up. She sat next to him, skinny with big tits, and her pants were so low she treated our table to a short film about the history of her backside.

Surprisingly, Colin extricated himself from the situation and left shortly after, leaving her sitting forlornly by herself sipping her drink. He also patted Ben Mulroney, host of eTalk, on the shoulder on his way out. Ben interviewed him the night before at the Oscars. And Colin remembered. He patiently walked the press line that night and he remembered Ben’s face among many.

We were all charmed.

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