Saturday night, Colin Farrell’s Triage screened at TIFF and I was on the carpet for the arrival wearing a new dress. My Nanette Lepore pixel. Love it so much.

Colin is at his best right now. His best is f-cking hot. Short hair, he has a tan, he’s fit, and when he talked to me he was in great spirits. We shook hands. I wanted to lick his open neck chest.

The mood was surprising however because just moments before he and a photographer were embroiled in a face to face dick duel over Colin’s sister. She’s the cutest. Very, VERY petite, adorable little face, and she was standing with him on the carpet when someone shouted at her, extremely loudly, to GET OFF THE CARPET!!!!!

He and Colin then exchanged words. Colin’s warning: don’t you ever f-cking talk to my sister like that again. You don’t speak to ladies like that.


That entire red carpet was moist.

I don’t remember what we talked about. He maintains eye contact so intensely, between that and his neck, it was too much to multitask. I did however get an update on the homeless person he helped out here a few years ago “Stress” who apparently has a job and is doing well.

Colin also hooked up with Brendan Gleeson afterwards. He said he was looking forward to catching up with “my old friend”.

And finally, Sarah Taylor from MuchMusic congratulated him and the baby and he confirmed, replying “Thank you” with a big smile.

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