Duana’s Irish so she likes ‘em Irish. I’m a horny bitch so I like ‘em horny. Rarely do we share the same taste in boys but we find common ground in Colin Farrell.

Hey baby, your waist is so small.

Here he is today in Rome promoting Pride and Glory, all greased up and dirty, standing sex in roughed up boots, with a cheeky trilby placed just so, as ready for a 70 year old as he is for a young tart just made legal…

All this and he’s not even talking. When he’s talking…

Finally I feel better.

Marcus my beagle is at the vet today. We thought he busted his ass. Literally. But it turns out it’s his back. He busted his back. Poor little guy can’t move his tail. His tail is the window to his soul. Of course he was trembling in the clinic. And then I had to leave him there by himself for testing all afternoon.

Needless to say, he’ll be extra dicky when he comes home, punishing me for abandoning him. Dogs can keep a grudge, you know. I have a bison bone ready.

Photos from Flynetonline.com