Here's Colin Farrell in pyjamas on the set of his new film Dead Man Down in Philadelphia.

He looks good, doesn't he?

He's been looking for a while. Couple weeks ago in LA I was talking about him, just a general update, with an industry source who told me that Colin is just focused on work right now:

"He just wants to work. He's been working almost back to back. He's not interested in anything else; he's not dating, he's not looking. It's just work and his kids. This is the most determined I've seen him in his career."

Great for him professional. Bad for the gossip.

Colin's next release is Total Recall this summer. A new international trailer has just been released. I just...can't get excited about this. Am I crazy? Are the visuals spectacular and I'm too dumbass to appreciate it? Because to me it seems the same, same. I feel like I've seen it before. No pun intended.