There’s been a lot of broken love in gossip lately. So to welcome those of you in the US back from your long weekend, let’s ease in with quick hits of love intact.

Colin Farrell spent Memorial Day in LA. On Saturday he was papped at the In-N-Out drive-thru with his girlfriend. Looks like the woman we first saw him with back in January – click here for a refresher. And he took her to the Adele show in Ireland in March – click here to revisit that. They were kissing while waiting for their burgers in the car. Jesus. That’s so hot the way he’s leaning over. 

By the way, Sarah loved Colin’s The Lobster when she saw it at TIFF and it’s getting great reviews on limited theatrical release and performing well at the specialty box office. That’s putting his career in good shape before he gets to enjoy the mega smash that will be Fantastic Beasts in the fall.