Written by Duana

I just want to point out a couple of things about this whole “Duana bailed” scenario.

I don’t generally work out in the same religious way Lainey does. I like going and doing things more than I like being in a gym (My friends are cackling at this generous interpretation of the truth.) I’m a little self conscious in there anyway.

Nonetheless, I did a full cardio run and stuff, which is substantial. It’s when we started using adjacent machines that I thought it was a little much.

I had things to do, so, it wasn’t like I had all afternoon to be there.

The entire gym was mirrored so not staring was actually harder than you’d think.

Look at him. Isn’t he amazing? Wouldn’t you?

Attached – Colin Farrell leaving Katsuya on Tuesday night.

Photos from Flynetonline.com