You were on Sesame Street investigating “investigate”. I loved every minute. Especially when you had to fake walk two steps during your investigation. So cute. And it was nice to see you. Because you’ve been really undercover lately. Alicja’s been around though, with the baby in New York shooting a movie – he’s adorable – but no sign of you.

Until Cassandra sent over this video yesterday. Thanks Cassandra!

So you’ve wrapped on the comedy Horrible Bosses, and now you’re currently working on another comedy Friday Night about teens and vampires which is probably better than it sounds, and we soon get to see you and Keira Knightley in London Boulevard, scheduled for release in the UK in November. Good. Not that I don’t love you with Elmo but it wasn’t enough. Never enough.

Well, actually, let me clarify. I watched Ondine on the plane a couple of weeks ago. It was ok. But I fell asleep three times. It wasn’t my favourite. Don’t let this come between us.



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