But you’re probably not watching alone. I know this because I saw photos of you the other day with an attractive girl, holding hands but separating when you realised you were being papped. This troubles you but you are papped so infrequently, I cannot honestly say that I’m sorry about seeing the pictures. You seemed happy. And I’m happy you are happy even though you’d be happier with me but Duana has come between us, our friendship, I chose her, so I cannot even dream it but deep down she and I both know the truth…

Why am I wasting your time on such nonsense?

Here you are, at the video store last night, popcorn and a movie to enjoy with her. Her. Who is she? I don’t want to know. If I knew I would google. And Adrien Brody said google is bad. Adrien Brody talks out of his ass and poses with his eyes closed in bathtubs inside his fake castle. Never mind. Terrible example.

The point is you look healthy and …well. There is light in your eyes. Am I imagining it? I don’t think so.

Also, you’re hot. As always you are hot. Please think about a romantic comedy. It doesn’t matter if it’s sh-t. I just need something to Notebook about.



PS. Duana is sick. She’s been sick for a week. She’ll feel better now that these images have been released so you see, sometimes getting papped isn’t so bad.

Photos from MATEI/Bauergriffinonline.com