With your short salt and pepper hair, and even though it’s bad, so bad, so unhealthy, I’d be lying if I didn’t think that ciggie hanging out of your mouth is sexy as f-ck. Because you are sexy as f-ck. And here you are in London, shooting London Boulevard, with Ray Winstone, who I ran into last year at the Carleton in Cannes with my broken arm and the first thing he said to me was – were you drunk!?!? Because this is what every British person asked me and I’m telling you this because I’m twisted enough to think that maybe if you knew I’ve had a half conversation with your co-star you might want to have a half conversation with me too.

Our interview at TIFF 2 years ago doesn’t count. You were too busy trying not to notice my producer Sasha. And this year you’re coming back. I can’t wait to see you. Please don’t grow your hair. Last time your hair was long and greasy. I’d like some variety, if you don’t mind. I’d also like it if you left your Polish girlfriend at home. My Polish husband is coming to the festival for the first time this year with me too. Perhaps we can arrange it so that while you and I are together, they can go off for some language lessons. Jacek should practise his Polish anyway. It was passable when we went to Poland a few years ago but he really doesn’t use it enough. I would like to learn Polish. Are you learning Polish? They have a Polish Rosetta Stone. We could study together…? Think about it and let me know in Toronto?

Two months and counting…

See you soon.



Photos from JACK LUDLAM/Bauergriffinonline.com