And here you are.

We have just left Whistler after an amazing 6 day holiday. If you ever want to stay here you should come to the Four Seasons. SO great for dogs. They were a bit short staffed though this visit. I’m sure they’d never make you wait though. I wouldn’t make you wait.

So anyway, it’s a bit of a downer heading home after holiday, and now I’m blogging from the car getting motion sickness, feeling generally pissy, and then I saw you in your suit, shooting London Boulevard today, looking so f-cking great, and it’s much better now, thank you.

Keira’s face is all over that window. She plays a hermit movie star and you her con man lover. Directed by William Monahan, the same dude who wrote the screenplay for The Departed… I can’t wait to see you in it, your chemistry with Keira which I suspect will be on fire.

Seems like your career is on fire lately.

You’ve been busy. You’ve been getting a lot of work. You’ll be working in Toronto soon promoting two films. Last time you were at TIFF you made headlines for helping out the homeless man again. You made my headline for eyef-cking Sasha at Chanel. Can you eyef-ck me this time?

4 weeks to go. See you soon.


Photos from Eagle Eyes /