I really, really like it when Colin Farrell has short hair. The Recruit? Please. That’s too good. SO good.

When I was working out beside him practically every day during Oscar week*, his hair wasn’t super long, but it was long-ish. Enough to tuck behind his ears. I’m not saying he looked bad. But I might be saying I might have been more interested if he’d cut it then. Maybe I’d be writing him letters again.

Here he is this weekend in LA wearing it a lot shorter. Hot. And sweaty. On Saturday he was photographed after a yoga class after putting in what looks to be a good session. See, this is where he gets an eyeroll for being extra. What’s the scarf for???

Anyway, later on that evening, Colin and his sister and some other people were papped after dinner at Fogo De Chao in Beverly Hills. Brazilian beef. I haven’t had that in a long time. His shirt though… does it look like the stanky one from earlier in the day? It’s probably not the same. I mean a man can own several blue shirts. But if there’s any dude who’d go to yoga and not change his shirt…

I’ve smelled his smell. It’s quite obvious. But it’s not bad, no. Not at all.

Also can I just point out one thing? The pap agencies, and they’ve all done this, keep identifying his sister as Alicja Bachleda. This particular photo set came accompanied with the caption “Colin Farrell rekindling past love? Colin Farrell and mother of his son Henry, Alicja Bachleda, dine at …”

Of course like an eager gossip I jonesed up to open the set. And got a major case of the skeeves when I realised it was Claudine. She and Alicja, they don’t even look alike.

Colin’s training program is presumably in preparation for Total Recall, scheduled to shoot this summer in Toronto.

*if you’ve only just started reading the site recently, click here and here for the background on going to the gym with Colin Farrell.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and Famepictures.com