It’s easy to feel 16 again when it comes to Colin Farrell. First, as you know, he’s currently #1 on the Freebie Five…click here for a refresher.

Then there was that bit with the homeless man in Toronto – generously taking him shopping and then setting him up in an apartment. Not the recommended course of action but it came from the right place. So. Hot.

Now it’s his trip to Shanghai, without much fanfare, to support the Special Olympics, and charming those who deserve it the most. Check him out, fraternising with the athletes, jovially hanging his arm around them, a laugh and a joke for everyone…

It’s the kind of quiver that makes you throb in your loins AND in your heart. Love, love, love.

Click here for the clip – enjoy!

PS. There has been movement on the Freebie Five after a weeklong ode to David Letterman. Tom Ford is now representing the "Mo Vote. After all, have you seen his bare ass?