Colin Farrell took his mother to the Irish premiere of Total Recall last night in Dublin. No, you can’t say Total Recall sh-t the bed. But it’s also fair to say that they would have wanted it to do better. A lot better. Nikki Finke over at Deadline blames it, mostly, on her position that Colin Farrell isn’t box office, and that’s made more obvious by the fact that this remake was, in her opinion, “completely unnecessary”.

I do prefer him in smaller roles, I do.

We’ve all seen In Bruges, right? And loved so much?

Colin’s next film reunites him with the In Bruges team and a few other awesome Hollywood specialists. Seven Psychopaths has now been added to the TIFF schedule. A trailer has also been released.

Farrell and Sam Rockwell with Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson and...Tom Waits!?!?

This, I think, might be where Colin lives best. I suppose though, that with two sons, sometimes you have to do one for the money.