This is the title of the email I received from Michelle a short while ago sent to me and Duana. Because the Toronto International Film Festival has just made its first major announcement about the features this year.

And Colin Farrell is coming back to TIFF.

Last time he eyef-cked Sasha and she walked away.

This time if Duana and I happen to be anywhere near him at a party, there could be some drama. Unless of course James Franco is around. There are rumours that Howl could be added to the festival slate too. Nothing confirmed, will keep you posted.

Anyway, the world premiere of Colin’s film Ondine will take place at TIFF. And he’s not the only big name expected.

Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany’s Creation will open the festival on September 10th. It’s about Charles Darwin. Trailer below:

And Ricky Gervais’s Invention of Lying (terrible title) co-starring Jennifer Garner will also be screened at a gala presentation during the festival. Taupe returns!

Want more?

How about some Cheese?

Mimi Cheese!

Precious is coming to TIFF for a gala presentation as well. You know Oprah’s involvement in that film, and rumour has it she’s considering coming in person, the Mighty herself, to help kick off the Precious Oscar campaign. TIFF is where everything begins.

Still more?

Soderberg returns to more lighthearted material (“thanks God!”) with Matt Damon in The Informant! That’s the title. The Informant! With an exclamation point! The Informant!

Matt loves Toronto. He comes every year, if not to promote a movie than to work with his charity OnexOne. Matt usually brings his famous friends too. One of those friends is called George Clooney who just wrapped on a Jason Reitman film Up In The Air. And Jason desperately wants to bring Up In The Air to TIFF. He’s still cutting it right now.

More titles will be announced for TIFF in the coming weeks. But so far Clive Owen, Edward Norton, and Michael Douglas are also confirmed to attend.

Sleepless two weeks in September – can’t wait!

Attached – Colin Farrell on the set of London Boulevard.

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