I was so excited to see you were at the U2 show last night in LA. And did your baby come along with your baby? She’s beautiful, Alicja Bachleda-Curus is so beautiful. And you’re holding her hand and you look happy and she’s Polish and that makes me happy because I married a Pole so we have that in common but I’ve told you that already, I just like repeating it because it’s the only connection we have, other than when I interviewed you at TIFF but it’s not like you remember, you were probably missing her and I would miss her too because she seems sweet and hasn’t sold you out to any tabloids like Jude Law’s baby mother.

When will we see Ondine in theatres? You fell in love while making this movie – you the fisherman, she the mermaid. The film received very positive reviews, Variety was particularly complimentary of the modern fairy tale that’s also steeped in reality.

Doesn’t sound like it’s found distribution yet. Variety suggests it’s the heavy accent that will alienate non-Irish audiences. Well f-ck non-Irish audiences. This is what you would say. Ondine is a beautiful, unusual film. It deserves to be seen, much more than most of the drivel that’s out there today.

In the end though, if Ondine isn’t released, you already have your reward.

I must truly love you because I am truly thrilled for you.


Photos from AKM IMAGES/Splashnewsonline.com