Your brother’s marriage celebration, and then to Poland with Alicja for Henry Tadeusz’s baptism in Krakow. My in-laws are from around Krakow too. Jacek and I, we were in Krakow 3 years ago. We stayed at the Hotel Crakowia which, I’m telling you, has the best breakfast buffet ever. None of this continental breakfast bullsh-t, hell no. Bread, cold cuts, cheese, salad, eggs, bacon, schnitzel, crepes, cabbage rolls, and every kind of sausage, especially kiszka. Ohhhh kiszka. Blood sausage for breakfast, this is what it means to be civilised.

Are you eating kiszka? Something tells me you’d love kiszka like I love kiszka. I like my kiszka with Polish pickles. Polish pickles have spoiled me for regular pickles. We really should go out for a Polish dinner one evening, the four of us.

While you’re there tonight for dessert, please have some lody for me. Have never tasted ice cream the way it is in Poland. The creaminess, the texture, it’s worth another trip just for the lody. Also I love the word lody. It’s my second favourite word next to nalesniki. Which means pancakes. Sometimes when I’m trying to irritate Jacek, I’ll call him “my nalesniki”, which is grammatically incorrect but sounds hilarious.

What’s your favourite word? We have so much in common now, it’ll take us hours to catch up. Maybe in 2010?

Wesolych swiat i szczesliwego nowego roku.



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