In Dublin. At your brother’s wedding. You’ve mentioned how you love Eamon and his now husband Stephen. And James is with you to celebrate. It must have been such a wonderful weekend for you.

Alicja and Henry didn’t join? Well the baby, he’s so young. Perhaps the travel, it’s too much. Why am I talking like Yoda? But it would have been so fun just you and James for the occasion.

I very much like what’s happening with your hair right now. It doesn’t work on Vampire Bill but then again, he is not you. Never.

Last night was the marriage party but not the actual marriage ceremony. As I understand it, athough the Irish Civil Partnership Bill allows for gays to enjoy many equal rights under civil union, it still doesn’t allow for civil marriage. So Eamon and Stephen were married earlier this year in Vancouver – I don’t think you were present…

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, someone just sent it to me a few weeks ago, I do love Sinead’s Hand.

Hope you had a Happy Christmas, darling. And my loving best to you in 2010.

Yours always,